Spring 2018 Season General Information

Congratulations !!!
Sammy’s Cafe, 2018 Spring Season League Champions
Blue Bolts, 2018 Spring Season Tournament Champions


2018 Spring League Champions – Sammy’s Cafe

2018 Spring Tournament Champions – Blue Bolts

A brief summary, final league standings, and single-elimination tournament results have been posted on the Archives page under Spring 2018.


Fall 2018 Season General Information

The 7/18/18 and 7/23/18 Board Meeting minutes have been posted on the Board Minutes page.

Our next board meeting is scheduled for Mon, August 13, Pizza Factory/French Valley, 12 pm after BP.
Topics under discussion will include the upcoming Fall 2018/Spring 2019 player draft, schedule, and league fees.
As always, league players are welcome to attend.

The Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Draft List (without board ratings) has been posted on the new Draft Info page.
The board ratings will be supplied to the team managers prior to the Fall 2018/Spring 2019 player draft.

The player draft will be held on Mon, August 20 and Wed, August 22, Pizza Factory/Menifee, 12 pm after BP.

Initial Schedule
The 8-team Fall 2018 14-game regular season will start on August 27, 2018 and will run through December 10, 2018; followed by a single-elimination tournament on December 17, 2018.  There will be one doubleheader for each of the six local teams in the initial schedule; however, this may change and/or the season may even be extended a week or two to make up games, such as rainouts.

Those teams taking BP prior to their 9:00 am games, please hit from the LF or RF corner toward the dugouts.
We’ve been losing a lot of softballs hit over the outfield fence when hitting from the infield.

The “2018 SSUSA Rule Changes” below were adopted by MVUDSS and went into effect on December 18, 2017.

A Lost and Found page has been added to this website.

It appears that some may not be aware that league historical information such as pictures, archives (final standings, playoff/tournament results, a brief summary article for every season), disabled veterans tournaments, an In Memoriam page, etc. can be found on under “Useful Links”.

There seems to be some confusion as to which fields are BLD1 and BLD2. As you are aware, a sign is posted at the entrance to the park indicating which of the six fields we will be using.  The first field listed will be BLD1; the second field listed will be BLD2.

After the last game on a given field, the local home team will be responsible for taking down the pitching screen and giving it to Steve Baranick or one of the other Board members.  However, if the last game involves only one local team, that team will take down the screen.

A new page identifying businesses and services provided by some of our league players has been added to this website.
If you’d like to advertise, please give your business card to Steve Baranick.
Refer to the Businesses/Services page under “Useful Links”.

Tournament Format

  • All teams will be seeded based on the SSUSA seeding criteria.
  • All eight teams will play a post-season single-elimination tournament.
  • Teams may pick up players from the league players, the waiting list, or the player pool.
  • The higher seed will have its choice of home or visitor.
  • Separate awards will be presented to the regular season champions and the tournament champions.

Rule Additions / Changes
Rule 3. Replaced “considered to be 55 as of September 1” with “eligible to play during the Fall season”
Rule 5. “Offense“, added lineup card requirements and removed Note regarding re-entry rule.

Rule 17. “Over-the-Fence Home Run Rule”, added “The home team may go 1 up in the open inning(s)”.

League Fees
$45/player for the 6 local teams.  $630/team for Sammy’s Cafe and North County (based on a 14-man roster).
Fee due Monday, August 27.  Make checks payable to Steve Baranick or Joe Hansell.
DO NOT make them payable to MVUDSS.

Pitching Screens
The Monday league board of directors has unanimously agreed that pitching screens are to be used only for Monday league games, batting practices, and other league-sanctioned events.  They are not to be used for any other purpose.

Batting Practice
We will be having batting practices:

Schedule (next games)

Week 1 August 27, 2018
Time BLD1 BLD2
9:00 am North County vs. Team A Team D vs. Team B
10:30 am Sammy’s Cafe vs. North County Team E vs. Team F
12:00 pm Team C vs. Sammy’s Cafe

Home team listed first.


2018 SSUSA Rule Changes
Several rule changes/clarifications were approved by the SSUSA Rules Committee and went into effect on December 1, 2017.
MVUDSS incorporated the following rule changes into its fall 2017/spring 2018 seasons.

  • COURTESY RUNNER OFFICIALLY IN GAME (8.5(5)) – Proposal to institute a provision designed to force courtesy runners game entry to be more efficient – “A courtesy runner may enter the game only prior to the first pitch to any batter.
    – PASSED: 13‐0 by SSUSA
  • PENALTY FOR USING AN ILLEGAL BAT (3.4(7)D) – Proposal to delete sub‐section “D” due to being redundant to other rule book provisions – “The tournament officials will request the owner of the bat to surrender it for forwarding it to SSWC headquarters. A player’s failure to voluntarily surrender the bat to tournament officials will result in an immediate minimum of one year suspension from play. There will be a subsequent hearing to determine if additional sanctions against the player shall be imposed, and if the bat will be returned to the player or destroyed.“ – PASSED 12‐0 by SSUSA
  • GLOVES (3.6) – Proposal to allow the use of mitts by any defensive player – “Gloves and mitts may be worn by any player.” ,but mitts may be used only by the catcher and first baseman. – PASSED 12‐0 by SSUSA
  • PITCHERS MANDATED MINIMUM SAFETY EQUIPMENT (6.17) – In response to some pitchers asserting rule compliance by wearing “goggle style” minimally protective equipment, the area of the face that must be protected by a face mask was clarified – “Pitchers (only) MUST wear a face mask that covers the area of the face from above the eyes to the lower part of the chin. and all All players, including pitchers, are ENCOURAGED to wear the “recommended”, but not required, additional protective equipment.” – PASSED 12‐0 by SSUSA
  • PITCH COUNT (6.2C)  Men’s 50+ through 60+ and women’s 50+ divisions – Batters are allowed only 3 balls and/or 2 strikes, and all batters will start with a 1‐1 ball/strike count. NOTE: On a trial basis for the 2018 season, there will be one “courtesy foul” available to a batter after there are two strikes in the count.
    – Not adopted by our league; i.e. the current 0-0 ball/strike count rule will remain.