Lost And Found

If you lost or found an item at BLD/Perris or at batting practice at Lago Vista Park, contact Steve Baranick
(951-870-0114, stephenbaranick@gmail.com) and it will be added to the appropriate list below.

Once the item is returned, contact Steve so he can remove it from the list.

Lost Items
* Who lost it

blue/gray equipment bag      Bob Miller
water jug                                   Mike O’Donnell
26 oz. gray Miken Ultra II     Bill McPhillips
sunglasses                                Dave Flournoy 12/13/17, BP, dugout at BLD
Lake Elsinore Storm jacket  Dan Doleshal mid-December, BP, Lago Vista Park
25 oz. Melee Adidas bat        Hank Alberts 1/22/18, BLD, 3B dugout on Yankee
pitcher’s mask                         John Maples 6/11/18, BLD, 1B dugout on Pawtucket
27 oz. HyperZ                          Orlando Lopez, 6/11/18, BLD
red donut w/initials “RFG”  Bob Gambold, 6/27/18, BP at BLD

* Lost items at BLD/Perris are often turned in to the office, 951-943-8110.


Found Items
Who found (or has) it

black wrist band           Steve Baranick
black batting glove       Steve Baranick
XXL gray polo shirt     Steve Baranick mid-November/2017, BP, Lago Vista Park
silver wedding band    Steve Baranick 12/4/17, BLD between Durham and Pawtucket
pair of blue and white softball shoes      Steve Baranick 1/22/18, BLD, 1B dugout on Yankee
silver donut, black Miken towel              Steve Baranick, 6/25/18, Lago Vista Park